MKMMA Week 21 – What Just Happened !!

In week 18 the question was posed – “What would the person I intend to become – do next”?

I pondered on the question during the Sit and found my way to the answer –

i then began to act on the answer, and all heaven broke loose !!

The past three weeks have produced results which have exceeded the past 6 months.

Wonderful people have materialised – talented people have shown up, individuals have been voluntarily making contact to explore possibilities.

The process has established a strict criteria which has to be met, before  individuals can be considered to be part of the team, and as a result, the dynamics of business development have radically changed.

We are now ‘interviewing’ prospective team members against the criteria, –  to determine if they are a good fit for the team and where we are going.

We are also transparent with the candidates to ensure they are able to do the same when considering if we are a good fit for them.

The results have been spectacular !!

I cant wait to arrive  – at where  –  I SEE this going…..




MKMMA Week 18 – A Powerful Question

Sometime when we least expect it, a single sentence can make all the difference.

What a powerful question Mark posed at the end of the webcast  – ‘What would the person I intend to become – DO NEXT’?  !!

I have written the question on the shuffle cards, on the top of each page in my diary, and anywhere else that keeps the question in front of mind.

The results were immediate – the initiative tied in with the virtue of discipline that I am also working on – to just get on and ‘get it done’.

In thinking about the answer to the question – another question immediately arose –

Having concluded what the person I am becoming would do next – I then worked  on answering the second question  – ‘how I would do it most effectively’

Having taken action on the answers to both questions accordingly,  – the results are still rolling in 36hours later…


Week 17 MKMMA – Who rewrote Lesson 17 ?

As I re-read Lesson 17 for the 5th or 6th time something seemed to click into place, and I understood a whole new meaning to the lesson,  compared to my first read.

It was almost as if the lesson had been re-written between my first and 5th read !!

The advice of “let there be no conscious effort” – that “power comers through repose”

or in other words. the more relaxed we can be, –  the more effective,, the more productive and the more creative we will be..   ‘Less is more’

This then aligned with the shuffle cards where I have recorded ‘things that i have accomplished’ – some of which were in the last century !!

As I reflected on some of the more spectacular ones, particularly in sport, i realised that the same principle applied there.

Days, weeks, months and years of physical training were often just plain hard work. Continuously pushing beyond the then barrier, seldom with ease.

Focusing on preparing for a major event and tuning all of the components – more and more  hard work .

Then ‘on the day’ with the knowledge that all that was possible in preparation had been done, the performance felt and appeared ‘super easy’ – it just ‘flowed’.

I can remember thinking – this is so easy -what is all the fuss about !!

So, having experienced the principle in training and developing the body’s physical capability, it is intriguing to now do the same with the mind…

Better Late then Never !!



MKMMA Week 16 – Greater Clarity

A busy week, but a productive one.

The combination of being ‘kindness focused’ and re-reading lesson 16 daily, gave greater clarity to the emerging new self !!

Based on the reality of what we focus on is what we become – over time,   – then the week just gone was productive .

Being increasingly aware of others giving acts of kindness automatically flowed on to being conscious of always ‘wanting to be kind’ myself.

From opening the door for others, to ‘biting my tongue’ and being more patient, to thinking about how to be kinder, – the week was over in a flash.

I have been back to the Service Station to see if I could find the young forecourt attendant, and thank her for her act of kindness which resulted in me receiving first prize in a promotion the Service Station was running.  – So far i have not been able to find her.

I then went to the local flower shop to buy flowers for my wife – the attendant apologised that the online payment system was offline  – and proceeded to give me the flowers for cash at half price !!

Even our cats are apparently feeling kind –

As i wrote this blog I heard a strange chirping noise outside  – it turned out to be a male Pheasant guiding his flock of chicks through the garden – the first of the season,  while our cats just sat and watched.



Press Release

I recently interviewed a New Zealander who was on a brief visit back home in Auckland with his wife.

He revealed to me the impact that a few seconds hesitation caused, and about a little book that he found,  – that has brought incalculable benefits to countless people all around the world.

A number of years ago he was a young Operations Controller for our International airline.

He had been sent to Los Angeles to attend a computer graphics conference

Late one evening in downtown LA he was walking back to his hotel at the end of the confernce feeling tired and a little concerned.

He had concluded that the last thing that was needed to improve the operational performance of the airline was to ‘computerise current practises’ as it would probably just add more expense to the current problems, rather than solve them. – But what to do ??

Walking past a tall office building, he noticed a light on through a basement window. – Something made him hesitate and look further.

It turned out to be a bookshop that was still open late in the evening.

For sum strange reason, he decided to go in – not knowing what he was looking for.

There were books from floor to ceiling – rows and rows of them – thousands of them…

Something caught his attention – he noticed out of the corner of his eye – allmost as though there was a spotlight on it – edge on – amongst an endless row of paper backs. – one book stood out.

Feeling prompted – he stooped down and pulled the book from it’s shelf and glanced at the title    – “Think and Grow Rich”

He thought it was probably about finances, and so without even opening it

he decided to buy it on the spot.

Hurrying back to his hotel, he had to begin packing for the long flight home.

Finally onboard the aircraft to fly home, he took the book out and opened it to read the introduction.

He read all through the night – all through the 13 hours from Los Angeles to Auckland. – the booked changed everything !!

Here was a formular that could be applied to the challenges of ‘re-organising the operations of an Airline ‘!!

Given that his role at that time was a ‘lower level position’ and that to achieve the potential improvements would require Board level approval – some ‘creativity’ would be required.

The net result was that progressively – with a definite purpose in mind and by forming a Master Mind Group – over the years massive improvements were made, that resulted in 100’s of millions of dollars in benefits to the airline.

Promotion followed promotion – it was almost effortless.

As years progressed he then came to realise that he was beginning to feel less and less ‘satisfied’ and that ‘further challenges awaited’.

It was around this time he received his Partriarchal Blessing which he discribed as being a ‘Pathway to Follow with confidence ’

Through a series of events – he and his wife decided to become involved in ‘the network marketing industry’.

Without relly knowing what they were doing they built three businesses in succession to moderate levels, but found to their horror – that each of the companies they partnered with, – lacked the infrastructure to last the distance and they went out of business.

Finally, with number four, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, and success soon followed.

It was during this period that ‘history began to repeat itself’.

By focusing on business development, it became apparent that the only limitation was a personal one. – He realised that for the business results to get better – he had to get better.

‘When the student is ready – the teacher appears…

Through a series of ‘coincidences’ he was led to MKMMA and again the use of the foundermental book   – Think and Grow Rich.

By re-learning and applying those fundamental principles that never change –

they have now developed their business into over 50 countries,

Their purpose is ‘to be a force for good’

So far they have helped directly or indirectly around 56,000 people improve their lives – physically, financially and spiritually.

They discribed the benefits they have personally received as – “the satisfaction of helping ‘make a difference’ in the ‘global village”’

When asked about the financial rewards, they simply said – ‘we are set for life’!!

The financial rewards have enabled them to now concentrate their time and attention on serving in their church – both locally and internationally.

When asked about their favourite places they gave a number of examples-

Having dinner with friends at the Bouevard Restaurant overlooking Temple Square in Utah – surperb views over the city and Salt Lake Valley

A pub lunch with friends by the river at Henley just outside London

The French Onion soup at the little French restaurant minutes from their hotel in Ho Chi Min City Vietnam.

I commented that ‘it sounds like a lot of eating’ in far flung places

To which they replied that ‘we now have friends and family all over the world’

Some are business partners – some are our children and their children – some are of the same faith.

I asked about their level of energy and health with all of the travelling..

To which they simply asked me to ‘guess their age’

I ‘guessed 30 years too young’ – they are way older than how they look or act – time seems to have stood still !!

I asked them – whats the next challenge?

To which they replied –

‘We are being richly blessed – physically, financially and above all spiritually, so now we feel we have an obligation to pay it forward – to help as many others – who want to –

to become aware of the same opportunities.

The interview had to end as he was racing off the give his youngest grandson another flying lesson…

Watch this space !!

Week 15 MKMMA – A pleasant surprise !!

Yesterday – in a hurry to get to an appointment, I stopped at the local Service Station to to get fuel in the middle of a tropical storm that was passing through.

Fortunately there was a large roof over the forecourt to keep most of the rain off.

The young lady who was working the forecourt came over and started to clean the car windows while I refuelled the car.

I asked her how she was and we chatted about how long her day was, and I learnt that she had been married for seven months and recently immigrated to New Zealand from India.

She was very easy to talk to and I learnt a lot about her in the time it took to refuel the car.

I was in a hurry to get to the appointment, so when she said that I could take my fuel receipt from the pump, inside to the shop and get a ‘scratch and win’ card, I declined because of the  time. pressures.

She smiled and said she would ‘race in’ and do it for me.

In less than a minute she was back and handed me a scratch and win card.

I thanked her and drove off to the appointment without scratching the card.

Later in the day having navigated through the tropical downpour, I saw the card and quickly scratched it to see if i had been lucky.

‘First Prize’ – a full free valet service for the car with all the bells and whistles !!.

Just chatting and getting to know the young lady who was working hard in difficult conditions, without having any agenda other than ‘trying to cheer her up’ – resulted in ‘a favour in return.



MKMMA Week 14 – Better Late Than Never !!

The many events of the Christmas and New Year season combined with summer holidays ‘down under’  proved to be a challenge in maintaining ( or failing to maintain ) daily schedules  and discipline !!

The arrival through the mail of the MLM Cruise book and the 3 CD set was a welcome surprise.

I glanced at the MLM Cruise book intending to just read the first few pages, and finished up reading it from cover to cover.

For some strange reason, as I read the account of ‘the hero’ being asked to speak at the final cruise dinner, it became necessary to reach for my handkerchief several times to dab my eyes.

( fortunately no one saw me – as it is apparently not ‘cool’ for grown men to cry when reading a book – or so we are led to believe !! )

The story contains many gems of insight into the fundamentals of business and personal development, and is a ‘must read’ many times over.

Equally valuable is the content on the 3 CD set.

The CD’s are being absorbed while driving in the summer holiday traffic, and then the lessons put into effect at the next meeting.

It seems like the ‘actions of  business building’ are  getting easier and more simple and natural.