Week 17 MKMMA – Who rewrote Lesson 17 ?

As I re-read Lesson 17 for the 5th or 6th time something seemed to click into place, and I understood a whole new meaning to the lesson,  compared to my first read.

It was almost as if the lesson had been re-written between my first and 5th read !!

The advice of “let there be no conscious effort” – that “power comers through repose”

or in other words. the more relaxed we can be, –  the more effective,, the more productive and the more creative we will be..   ‘Less is more’

This then aligned with the shuffle cards where I have recorded ‘things that i have accomplished’ – some of which were in the last century !!

As I reflected on some of the more spectacular ones, particularly in sport, i realised that the same principle applied there.

Days, weeks, months and years of physical training were often just plain hard work. Continuously pushing beyond the then barrier, seldom with ease.

Focusing on preparing for a major event and tuning all of the components – more and more  hard work .

Then ‘on the day’ with the knowledge that all that was possible in preparation had been done, the performance felt and appeared ‘super easy’ – it just ‘flowed’.

I can remember thinking – this is so easy -what is all the fuss about !!

So, having experienced the principle in training and developing the body’s physical capability, it is intriguing to now do the same with the mind…

Better Late then Never !!




5 thoughts on “Week 17 MKMMA – Who rewrote Lesson 17 ?

  1. Cyndy James

    AWESOME analogy…being an athlete in my youth and having some sports come so naturally and others that required hard work my mind is now making the comparisons as I type and I think thank you…thank you for that analogy that I could link the two together in my mind and become the victor.


  2. Art Burleigh

    Another great post, Gerry! This concept of letting actions and focus flow more easily almost seems “off” – and yet, your experience proves it to work, as does mine. I too am seeking to apply this lesson more and more effectively and often.



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