MKMMA Week 13 – Tesla – what an example

It’s funny how ‘little co-incidences’ begin to happen.

I was in the process of clearing out some of the files on my phone when I cam across some pictures that are one year old. They brought back a few memories.

A year ago my wife and I received an all expenses trip to the USA and amongst our many marvellous experiences met with a real live icon in the Network Marketing industry who has now retired, but still cares deeply about people.

While visiting with her we chatted about our backgrounds, and she remarked  that she would like us to meet her husband with whom she said, we would have a lot in common.

‘He was ‘out for a drive in his new toy’ but would be back shortly.

His new toy turned out to be the latest Tesla – all electric. car !!

At the time I had not heard of Nikola Tesla  ( I live ‘down-under’  – that my excuse ) and I just assumed that Tesla was the name of the manufacturer of the car.

I still did not make the connection even with the reference to ‘Tesla’ in the Master Key Lessons a few weeks back

One year later, the same day as I looked at the photos of the Tesla car, and me sitting in it,

I somehow received a link to the kindle version of a book on Nikola Tesla,

Having downloaded the book on my phone, i was unable to put it down, and read it from end to end.  ( it used to be from cover to cover – before smart phones and kindle )

What an inspiring story of imagination turned into ‘century changing’ practical yet revolutionary technology.

Two parallel stories throughout the book –

Firstly the genius of Tesla in visualising the end result- and then ‘manifesting it, – idea after idea.

Secondly the consistent pattern of response from ‘normal folks’ who could not yet ‘see’ what he saw, and with the best possible intent -( fear, self interest, ignorance etc. etc. ) opposed the new idea.

Once the reality of the ‘new idea’ become accepted and was ‘self evident’ – the ordinary folks flocked to it in droves – but were still unable to accept his next ‘new idea’.

To Tesla – non of this seemed to matter – as he concentrated on creating the future.

visualize – manafest  – visualize -manefest – visualize – manefest !!

What an inspiring way to end the year…



Week12 MKMMA – I Gave Myself a ‘Good Listening To !!’


What a great exercise, and what a humbling experience !!

For 50 minutes – staring into the mirror and vocalising my one sentence DMP.

The first few minutes were awkward – uncomfortable – forced and artificial.

‘Somebody’ was staring back at me from the ,mirror and reciting a sentence repeatedly about ‘something that was going to happen sometime in the future’ –

I, as the audience was underwhelmed and simultaneously wondered ‘how I was going to get through 50min ‘of this noise’ !!…

Then gradually the scene changed – I was getting to know the person in the mirror – the tone of their delivery was changing and  I found I was becoming ‘engaged and interested in THEIR  message’.

And then something weird and wonderful happened –  I think we changed places  – I felt as though I was in the mirror staring back at ‘Me’ – the audience’ –  and I was instructing and informing ‘Me’ about what had been achieved and ‘how and when it had been achieved…

Soon after – the ‘message’ also began to change.

Same words – but the emphasis began to change.

As an observer  – the sentence had two main components – firstly the ‘benefits’  for ‘ME’  and secondly  – how the benefits were achieved.

Initially the emphasis in the delivery had been about the benefits to me with the ‘service to others” ( How ) – having almost a minor role.

At about 25 minutes into the exercise – suddenly that changed and the emphasis, focus  and energy was almost entirely on the ‘services that would be rendered’

This provoked great excitement and emotion in the delivery

The time then seemed to fly by and before i realised it 50minutes had gone !!

The ‘lesson learned’ – to give myself a good talking to – a good listening to – and to ACT on the message received…

MKMMA Week 11 – Getting to know a New Friend

It’s fun developing a new relationship and getting to know my future self !!

During the Sit it’s both taxing and fascinating to visualise and emotionalise my future self…

The easy part is ‘imagining ‘how  I feel’ and ‘what I am doing’  – the challenging part is ‘what do i look like’…

This experience combined with this weeks exercise  “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them – has had some interesting side effects during the Sit.

I have found that I need to dry my eyes at the end of the Sit, to mop up the tears – which is some what concerning, – as we are told ( so it must be right ) – that REAL MEN DON”T CRY ….

Anyway – I guess I will just have to get more handkerchiefs and learn to live with it while ‘subby’  gets on with the job of manifesting the future reality.

I find that the original physical challenge of sitting completely still for 15mins is now a distant memory and I am experiencing periods of ‘going into a Sit’ to visualise possible options to current daily situations.

The 7 day mental diet is ongoing – with the very odd lapse resetting the clock to another 7 days – but the trend is very positive – and i find myself consciously ‘escaping from situation’ to avoid breaking the diet’


Week 9 MKMMA – The Mysteries of the Mind

A fascinating week of discovery – the meaning behind what were apparently countless cliche’s  – referring to the power of the mind.

As a child I can vaguely remember listening to a then  famous english radio show of last century called the ‘Goon Show’ .

It  painted outrageous word pictures which stretched the imagination to the limit to try and picture the scene’s in the absurd comedy the show provided – it was an ‘acquired taste’ to understand it – the famous by line from the show was  -“It’s all in the mind you know”.

‘What the mind can conceive and believe – it can achieve’

The task this week has been to ‘focus on expanding the imagination’ and how the future will look and feel.

It almost feels like being a learner driver and getting behind the controls to learn to drive a very, very powerful vehicle. –  a sense of great power being ready, waiting and available to take me anywhere i want to go !!

I can decide what and where that is – I can paint the picture – I can decide how it feels to have arrived ‘   – and the power of the ‘vehicle then ‘ kicks into gear.

No wonder this is not taught in schools – imagine the impact on the world if everyone turned their imagine and brain power on to creating a wonderful and abundant future – CNN would have to rebrand itself to CWN -‘ Constant Wonderful News’

I think I will SIT ON THAT THOUGHT !!

The Battleship and the Chicken Farm…

What a fascinating experience – the SIT this week encourages us to reverser engineer

‘THe Battleship’ –

Starting with the image of the battleship moored at the dock, and imagining all of the  components, –  including the crew. – How did they all come together?

What caused ‘them’ to all come together?

In working back up the line of any of the components there appeared to be a common thread –

I started thinking about the crew  – was the Captain now living what he had perhaps visualised as a child – being in command of a battleship?

A rather weird series of thoughts flashed into mind,

I started thinking about the multiple and complex alignment of the logistics involved to even feed the crew on any given day.

Somewhere there must be a chicken farm that produces the eggs, –  that are then supplied to eventually finish up on the breakfast plate of the Captain !!

Who was it who visualised their future and manifested a chicken farm – what was their family tree and the generations who had gone before – to eventually produce  ‘A chicken farmer’ who supplied eggs to the crew and Captain of a battleship.

The battleship then represented a point in time where multiple manifestations co-incided  – – were the manifestations by accident or were they by design ?

Were they manifested by deliberate intention to create joy and abundance for the creator

in whatever their part was  –  in ‘the battleship’,

or had they manifested ‘more of what they did not want’ – but got it anyway because they focused on the negative.

To some the manifestation of the battleship would perhaps give a feeling of security and peace of mind – for others who may become the ‘target’ in the gunsights of the battleship it would be a manifestation of their worst nightmare.

I am looking forward to the ‘SIT’s throughout the week  – to further explore ‘THe Battlesgip’

Week 7 MKMMA – It’s Hotting Up !!

A very busy week – absorbing the content of the Master Key program, and enjoying the early stages of ‘events unfolding’ inline with my DMP !!

‘Sitting’ is becoming fun and creative, –  which helps reinforce the growing control over ‘how to think’

Negative thoughts still ‘pop in’, –  but,  by being vigilant. –  ‘don’t stick’ – and with a conscious ‘push’ they seem to ‘slide off’ quite easily.

I am beginning to imagine what would happen, if what I am now beginning to learn, was taught in the early stages of the school system –  and reinforced throughout the education system !!

Emerson’s essay on Compensation was hard going initially and now seems to have been re-writen since the last time I read it  – only a week ago – or perhaps it is because I am starting to ‘Get it’ !!

I can only begin to imagine what is going to happen as I  progressively gain more and more control over the ‘super computer’ I was given at birth . – the ‘de-fragging’ is well under way – the upgraded software is being installed – watch this space…


MKMMA Week 6 – Phew !!

Things are heating up –

It almost feels like the pieces of the puzzle are begging to take shape and clarity is emerging – and then a cloud of confusion glides into view….

When all else fails – a replay of the webinar and a re-read of the notes restores order in the mind.

The ‘sits’ have become enjoyable and the time ‘just flashes by’

There is an air of determination and certainty appearing and ‘the probabilities’ are turning into ‘certainties’.

There are a number of ‘to do’s’ this week which need to be accomplished  – sooner rather than later – have not yet found a ‘compass’ so that is next on the list.

Have learnt that if all else fails – re- read the notes from the webinar and order is restored.

Looking forward to the nest ‘sit’