MKMMA Week 16 – Greater Clarity

A busy week, but a productive one.

The combination of being ‘kindness focused’ and re-reading lesson 16 daily, gave greater clarity to the emerging new self !!

Based on the reality of what we focus on is what we become – over time,   – then the week just gone was productive .

Being increasingly aware of others giving acts of kindness automatically flowed on to being conscious of always ‘wanting to be kind’ myself.

From opening the door for others, to ‘biting my tongue’ and being more patient, to thinking about how to be kinder, – the week was over in a flash.

I have been back to the Service Station to see if I could find the young forecourt attendant, and thank her for her act of kindness which resulted in me receiving first prize in a promotion the Service Station was running.  – So far i have not been able to find her.

I then went to the local flower shop to buy flowers for my wife – the attendant apologised that the online payment system was offline  – and proceeded to give me the flowers for cash at half price !!

Even our cats are apparently feeling kind –

As i wrote this blog I heard a strange chirping noise outside  – it turned out to be a male Pheasant guiding his flock of chicks through the garden – the first of the season,  while our cats just sat and watched.




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