MKMMA Week 18 – A Powerful Question

Sometime when we least expect it, a single sentence can make all the difference.

What a powerful question Mark posed at the end of the webcast  – ‘What would the person I intend to become – DO NEXT’?  !!

I have written the question on the shuffle cards, on the top of each page in my diary, and anywhere else that keeps the question in front of mind.

The results were immediate – the initiative tied in with the virtue of discipline that I am also working on – to just get on and ‘get it done’.

In thinking about the answer to the question – another question immediately arose –

Having concluded what the person I am becoming would do next – I then worked  on answering the second question  – ‘how I would do it most effectively’

Having taken action on the answers to both questions accordingly,  – the results are still rolling in 36hours later…



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