MKMMA Week 14 – Better Late Than Never !!

The many events of the Christmas and New Year season combined with summer holidays ‘down under’  proved to be a challenge in maintaining ( or failing to maintain ) daily schedules  and discipline !!

The arrival through the mail of the MLM Cruise book and the 3 CD set was a welcome surprise.

I glanced at the MLM Cruise book intending to just read the first few pages, and finished up reading it from cover to cover.

For some strange reason, as I read the account of ‘the hero’ being asked to speak at the final cruise dinner, it became necessary to reach for my handkerchief several times to dab my eyes.

( fortunately no one saw me – as it is apparently not ‘cool’ for grown men to cry when reading a book – or so we are led to believe !! )

The story contains many gems of insight into the fundamentals of business and personal development, and is a ‘must read’ many times over.

Equally valuable is the content on the 3 CD set.

The CD’s are being absorbed while driving in the summer holiday traffic, and then the lessons put into effect at the next meeting.

It seems like the ‘actions of  business building’ are  getting easier and more simple and natural.


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